Crystal Widow

Crystal Widow
Author: Patricia A. Bremmer
Language English
Pages: 356
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.80

What would possess Detective Glen Karst to jeopardize his entire career? His years on the force with his extraordinary intuitive and observational skills have molded Karst into one of the top detectives in Colorado. Now he finds himself in another city, without the resources of his department.

Only his time good looks, persuasive charm, and wicked intellect enable Karst to stay alive.

Crystal Widow unfolds in Omaha, Nebraska where Detective Karst is surrounded by a family unable to escape from seemingly curse-like tragedies. The men in this family fail to reach retirement without a visit from the grim reaper. Karst's faculties are stretched to the limit while attempting to save the lives of two beautiful women. His life is laid on the line uncovering a serial killer in size six shoes. Patricia A.

Bremmer has superbly woven a web of murder, suspense, and complex psychology. Crystal Widow will have readers confident as to the identity of the killer, only to change their mind again and again. This fifth novel in Bremmer's "Elusive Clue Series" will challenge all puzzle fans to find, then solve the hidden word puzzle declaring the name of the murderer.