A Touch of Faith

A Touch of Faith
Author: Daisy Fields
Language English
Pages: 48
Genre: Amish
Series The Amish of Elkhart County
Goodreads Rating: 3.78
Published: September 2nd 2013 by Global Grafx Press

(Part Two of the Amish of Elkhart County serial.) When Amish farmer Abram Schrock takes in Owen, the child he found nearly frozen to death in his barn, things go from bad to worse. He can't seem to get along with the boy, and sparks fly between him and Owen's other guardian Katherine. Will Abram find the strength of spirit to give Owen the support he needs while they locate the boy's family, or will the growing relationship with both Owen and Katherine be buried in the cold snows of Abram's own grief? And what about Mary, Abram's former betrothed, attempting to make her own life in Indianapolis? How long will she be able to turn her back on her past, and what does it mean for Abram's life if God brings her home to Elkhart County? Can Abram and Katherine find a way to soothe the abandoned boy's heart--and his own? Has Mary found love, or will she learn she's made a huge mistake? Find out in part two of this three-part serial of Amish fiction. (Please note that while Shelfari calls this a series, it is actually a serial.

This novella-length section is the second third of the novel. If you want to read the entire story at once, please click on my author name and look for the complete megabook, titled The Amish of Elkhart County, or feel free to enjoy the installments one by one.)