Waking Annabel

Waking Annabel
Author: Jayelle Drewry
Language English
Pages: 168
ISBN10: 1594266255
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 2.88
ISBN13: 9781594266256
Published: February 2nd 2007 by Phaze Books

Annabel Sullivan has been in an unhappy marriage, subjected to an unfaithful and controlling husband. She's lost confidence in herself. Jason O'Brien years ago sensed the hidden depths of Annabel, but distanced himself because she was married. Now Annabel is divorced and Jason is free to pursue her. But he discovers that she is reluctant to give herself over to her feelings, afraid to lose control. So he sets about showing her that she is an attractive, sexual woman, awakening in her carnal passions she never knew she possessed.