Snapped (The Starved Series Book 3)

Snapped (The Starved Series Book 3)
Author: Kelleen Silveira
Pages: 196
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: December 10th 2017

For Tate Vasilievich life is on the right track. Her relationship is going well, she's back in school and she finally feels like she's got some real friends. Sure there are the occasional pesky vampires to kill, but was it wrong to admit she was growing to enjoy that part of her job? Everything seems to be perfect until, well, it's not. Tate is hiding a secret - a potentially world changing, apocalypse causing secret: a little girl by the name of Avery, who has the ability to create portals between the human world and the demon one.

If Kisin, the oldest of all vampires, discovers the existence of the child nothing will be able to stop him and all will be lost.