The Woman in the White Mask

The Woman in the White Mask
Author: Rob Blackwell
Language English
Pages: 321
Genre: Fantasy
Series Soren Chase
Goodreads Rating: 4.60
Published: January 28th 2017

Eight years ago, Soren Chase was attacked by a vicious supernatural creature that murdered his friends and stole his memory.

Now a mysterious woman in a white mask is forcing him to relive that night—as both the victim and the killer. Her arrival couldn’t come at a worse time. Someone is raising demons and setting them loose, and only Soren can stop them. But as the supernatural assaults grow more frequent, his visions of the past start to take an alarming toll. It’s a grim race to see which might kill him first. The Woman in the White Mask is the third novel in the highly-rated Soren Chase series, which mixes urban fantasy, action and suspense. Find out why readers have hailed it as a unique, inventive series with a hero who’s “definitely a kindred of Harry Dresden.”