Comprehensive Medical Terminology

Comprehensive Medical Terminology
Author: Betty Jones
Language English
Pages: 1216
ISBN10: 1435439872
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.06
ISBN13: 9781435439870
Published: June 24th 2010 by Cengage Learning

Comprehensive Medical Terminology, 4E is an easy-to-use introduction to medical terminology that will unlock a world of knowledge for readers. This comprehensive book is organized by body system and specialty areas of practice and emphasizes anatomy and physiology, pathological conditions and diagnostic techniques and procedures. The study of word parts, which is the foundation of medical terminology, is integrated into every chapter to enhance comprehension.

Comprehensive Medical Terminology, 4E contains simple-to-complex definitions that will strengthen readers' ability to read and interpret medical terms in reports and charts. The accompanying interactive StudyWARE� CD-ROM engages learners with quizzes, 3-D animations, video clips and a variety of games to build knowledge.