Author: Jaide Fox
Language English
Pages: 133
ISBN10: 1586086650
Genre: Romance
Series Shadowmere
Goodreads Rating: 3.35
ISBN13: 9781586086657
Published: by New Concepts Publishing

She was a slave to one man's obsessions...

and a captive to one man's desire.... Shadowmere was a land shrouded in darkness, protected by magic and the fierceness of its people. The normals who ventured into the forbidden land seldom returned...and those that did were driven mad.... With his fell reach, Lord Conrad captured one of the fabled beastpeople from Shadowmere to break the curse holding Lady Ashanti in thrall, his lust for her driving his depraved will above all else. Ashanti could not bear the innocent shifter's blood on her head and vowed to free him at any cost.

But she did not anticipate the unbidden desire he aroused in her when in his presence, nor did she expect her untamed captive would soon become her master....