Beyond Lyra

Beyond Lyra
Author: Shannen Crane Camp
Language English
Genre: Favorites
Series Zenith Cycles
Goodreads Rating: 4.62
Published: November 20th 2016 by Sugar Coated Press

Isla Edison has lived her life convinced that if she’d known what was actually going on when she’d fallen into a coma after her car accident a year before, she would have been a little more cooperative. Of course that theory is quickly debunked when Isla finds that her mind is unravelling. Piece by piece, the progress made by her and her now-ex-boyfriend Hayden Temple while she’d been in a coma only one year earlier, is falling apart, until Isla is back in the last place she ever wanted to end up - the place in her mind where Hayden can enter to guide her back out of her coma - The Cycles. But this time, things are different. She and Hayden are estranged, new players are showing up in her dreamscapes that prove to be more threatening than Hayden’s bad attitude, and Isla can’t help but think that if Hayden’s medical procedure didn’t permanently fix her coma the first time, what’s going to make it stick this time around? Failure means permanent death, and now the procedure she thought she understood, changes with every Cycle. Isla must fight alongside the man she hates to regain control of her mind and save her own life.