The Veil (Testaments I and II)

The Veil (Testaments I and II)
Author: Joseph D'Lacey
Language English
Pages: 176
ISBN10: 1910283177
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9781910283172
Published: November 26th 2016 by Horrific Tales Publishing

Some call it The Long Silence, others The Hush. Whatever it is, the world has gone quiet.

No electricity, no engines, most of the people gone.

There are survivors, small groups enduring as best they can in a seemingly abandoned world. At night, the landscape glows with unnatural light. The stillness is broken by the desolate cries of the lost population, returning now to search for...

no one knows what. What is certain, though, is that those they drag into the shadows do not return. The Veil contains the final testaments of two disparate groups; a band of survivalists barricaded into a single block of an American city, and a young family hiding in a remote part of the English countryside. But there are enemies among the survivors too, using the cataclysm to serve their own desires. If the end of the world can't cleanse the human heart, what reason can there be to continue?