Sensitive Chaos(pb)

Sensitive Chaos(pb)
Author: Theodor Schwenk
Language English
Pages: 288
ISBN10: 1855840553
Genre: Science
Goodreads Rating: 4.27
ISBN13: 9781855840553
Published: September 1st 1996 by Rudolf Steiner Press

Why does water, in streams and rivers, always take a winding course? Do common principles and rhythms underlie the movement of water, whether it be in the sea or in a plant -- or in the blood of a human being?The laws revealed in the subtle patterns of water in movement are shown in this thought-provoking work to be the same as those perceptible in the shaping of bones, muscles, and myriads of other forms in nature. Lavishly illustrated, Sensitive Chaos shows the unifying forces that underlie all living things, and observes such phenomena as the flight of birds; the formation of internal organs such as the heart, eye, and ear, air patterns in musical instruments; the formation of mountain ranges and river deltas; weather and space patterns; and even the formation of the human embryo.