The Adventures of Audie Dale Smith

The Adventures of Audie Dale Smith
Author: Clay Hutto
Language English
Pages: 786
ISBN10: 0979908884
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9780979908880
Published: December 8th 2009 by Harbinger Press

A fourteen-year-old boy from a troubled family sees the girl of his dreams at a high school assembly and immediately falls in love.

She is beautiful and devout. She has a perfect family. Dale, on the other hand, has parents with, well, problems. As Dale matures, he begins to pursue the pious beauty but his contrary nature and knack for mischief leads him into controversy. As the novel nears its end, Dale has to make a decision: will he conform to the expectations of his conservative hometown and church to win his love or will he stay true to his own ideals.