Seduction on Wheels

Seduction on Wheels
Author: Barbara Barrett
Language English
Pages: 317
Genre: Uncategorized
Series The Matchmaking Motor Coach
Goodreads Rating: 0.00
Published: September 2015 by The Wild Rose Press

When her cheating ex absconds with their money, Jenna DiFranco returns to her concert career to support herself and her teenage daughter.

But self-doubt has her skipping rehearsals and picking up men in bars to prove she’s still got it. When her daughter runs away to be with her aunt in Iowa, Jenna’s stress level puts her in a near catatonic state as she is about to take the child home. Fearing she won’t follow doctor’s orders for three weeks of rest, her family confines her to their home to prevent her from leaving. Though he takes an immediate dislike to the tall blonde from L.A., Gray McKenna’s the one she turns to for friendship until her alter ego emerges and takes him to bed. With difficulty, he refuses, but he’s scared what else she might do if allowed to escape on her own, so he agrees to help her get away if she agrees to his conditions. He keeps her money and phone and requires they return to California in the motor coach he and his brothers have customized for her concert tour. In turn, Jenna makes him promise no matter how much she might come on to him if her other self appears, he won’t follow through.

Gray is a man who keeps his promises, even though he finds himself increasingly attracted to the damned woman. Something has to give. Someone has to give in