The Cottage (Landoth, #1)

The Cottage (Landoth, #1)
Author: Laura Eileen Bardsley
Language English
Pages: 284
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.60
Published: March 9th 2014

When the dead grass comes alive and flowers bloom, it is instantly apparent to twelve-year-old Katelyn that something strange is beginning. Her father’s death had sent her family to an old rundown cottage owned by her estranged aunt. Now she’s seeing her dad everywhere; is he really alive or simply the product of her overactive imagination? As if that’s not enough, Katelyn is haunted by a strange shadow, discovers a mysterious book, and makes it rain indoors. The last thing Katelyn needs is to find herself soaking wet on the ledge of a cliff in a magical world where an enchanted root jumps up to trip her.

Thankfully the rocks below are softer than they appear.

Her new friends follow her through the portal where they meet an elf named Shhelf. Katelyn learns she is anything but ordinary when she is able to control fire to rescue them from a dragon. Believing she is the new Gatekeeper between their worlds, Shhelf leads them to a group of Council members who head the resistance against their evil ruler, Ravana. Thrust into a war she doesn't understand, Katelyn begins her magical training. The Cottage is the first installment of a trilogy about a young girl who becomes a vital pawn in a magical war for power. Mythological creatures, a missing princess, and a villain regaining her birthright through treacherous means, Katelyn will face whatever she has to in order to discover the truth about her father’s ghostly appearances.