You Can Leave Anytime

You Can Leave Anytime
Author: Rob Dinsmoor
Language English
Pages: 218
ISBN10: 0989011321
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.47
ISBN13: 9780989011327
Published: June 11th 2015 by ART2Thousand

You Can Leave Anytime follows the true-life story of a 53-year-old Ivy-League-educated freelance writer and yoga teacher in a cozy suburb of Boston, who falls down a rabbit hole and checks himself into a rehab facility in Florida. For 3 months, he enters a strange new world of controlling therapists, burnt-out orderlies, and young junkies, many of whom are fresh out of jail. He navigates this new world of suburban gangstas and bizarre rules without judgment. A great network of friends, a Zen outlook, and a very dry sense of humor get him through his day.

As he sobers up and gets his head glued on straight, he faces his biggest challenge of all--getting out.