One Ring to Rule Her 5

One Ring to Rule Her 5
Author: Wednesday Noir
Pages: 47
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: July 11th 2017 by Enthralled Publishing LLC

“I feel so empty, Mr. Loomis. I need you to fill me.” Tate Loomis divorced his cheating wife only to be stuck living with her grown step-son. He disappears into his work as an antique's dealer. One afternoon he buys an old ring from a shop owner. The ring came with a warning. A warning the ring was charmed by a fae, to enthrall any woman who slips the ring on willingly.

Tate has an eye on his stepson's young girlfriend. When Delia visits she slips the ring on. Delia is turned into insatiable nymph ready to have all her holes stuffed and filled to fulfill her master's desires. Ardan is back, ready to claim his fifth progeny and take his true tentacled form. Will Ardan and Tate be enough to fill Delia's insatiable need to please?