First Chapters: Foreplay: Volume 2

First Chapters: Foreplay: Volume 2
Author: Samantha A. Cole
Pages: 550
Goodreads Rating: 0.00
Published: November 12th 2017

Order all 3 volumes today! Looking for new romance books to read? Here’s your chance! 22 amazing Indie romance authors, from a wide range of sub-genres, have joined together to give you free peeks at their books! This is a compilation of the first one to three chapters of select books from their series or stand-alone novels. There are some that are sweet, funny, and light, and others that are sensual, erotic, and dark. Contemporary? It’s in there! Paranormal? Yes, that too! Comedy, suspense, M/M, military, shifters, new adult, and more? We’ve got you covered! It’s a great way to find new authors and their books.

If you like what you’re reading, then just click on the link at the end of the excerpt to buy the rest of the book.

***Note: This compilation does NOT contain the full novels. It is only the beginning of each story with a minimum of ten percent to a maximum of three chapters of each individual book. Authors: Samantha A. Cole Leslie Richardson Ellie Masters DD Lorenzo Amy Briggs Chris Genovese Sylvie Stewart M.E. Montgomery Avery Gale Laylah Roberts Carey Decevito K.L. Shandwick