The Colony (Book One)

The Colony (Book One)
Author: Bronwynn Rose
Language English
Pages: 58
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads Rating: 3.61
Published: September 21st 2014

I was one of one hundred children born upon the space colony, Hope One. They called us Generation Hope, because we were the only generation that would live our entire lives aboard Hope One. We would never know what it was like to live on Earth, and we would never live to see Anceres, the planet our vessel was destined to. The Sun has become unstable, and humans have been forced to find a new planet to call home. Jessica is a member of a generation who will never experience living on a planet, on a space flight that would last one-hundred and twenty years.

Life aboard the colony, Hope One, has been specially designed for Jessica's "Generation Hope". Adults have carefully carved out a specific plan for the young adults who were born on the ship. Part of the epic plan involves "Pairing", where the adults pair the students into couples for eventual mating--a process designed to create an even stronger future generation. But just as Pairing approaches, the students begin to question their feelings--and their superiors. The Colony is an heartfelt romance--A Space Opera Romeo & Juliet.

This first instalment is only one of four parts of Generation Hope's epic voyage.