The Ennin Mysteries: Collected Stories 31-35

The Ennin Mysteries: Collected Stories 31-35
Author: Ben Stevens
Language English
Pages: 94
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Published: January 24th 2016 by Nanbanjin

------------------------------ Amazon #1 Bestseller! ------------------------------ The AMAZON US #1 Bestseller (2014/11/29) THE ENNIN MYSTERIES: COLLECTED SERIES 1 - 9 (45 Stories) NOW AVAILABLE RATED 5-STARS BY AMAZON #1 ''HALL OF FAME'' REVIEWER, JOANNA DANEMAN 'Absolutely engaging... There is so much mystery here... I really enjoyed it...' ***** Joanna Daneman (USA) (#1 HALL OF FAME AMAZON REVIEWER) THE ENGLISH KILLER Robert Figg, the 'English Killer', is a sailor, trader and also feared bare-knuckle boxer, stationed upon the English trading-post known as 'Leaving Island', off the coast of southern Japan. When the English Killer is found brutally murdered, the opponent he beat just the previous day readily admits to having killed him - and also provides a definite motive for the crime. But is the young English sailor named James Plummer the real murderer? Ennin - who also had cause to recently fight the English Killer - has his doubts...

THE STRANGE CASE OF THE DISAPPEARING DRAGON A Buddhist priest reports the disappearance of a large golden statue of a dragon, from on top of his temple roof... A drunken old farmer swears that he saw this dragon fly above him - and that it not only spoke to him, but also breathed fire... Meanwhile, a gang of feared Japanese, Chinese and Korean wokou pirates are staying in the coastal area. And yet, they seem strangely reluctant to cause any trouble... THE SUMO WRESTLER In the Japanese city of Osaka, seven moneylenders have been found dead in mysterious circumstances. While investigating this, Ennin and his servant Kukai are invited to attend a major sumo tournament - and then one of the rikishi (sumo wrestlers) drops down dead in front of them... Meanwhile, nearby, a female artist creates woven designs of dazzling complexity and breathtaking color, her mysterious assistant expertly dyeing the threads in a steam-filled room with brick ovens... What could possibly connect all these things together...? THE EGYPTIAN TOMB RAIDER An ancient curse is awoken, when three thieves from Cairo's 'City of the Dead' break inside a tomb hidden deep within one of the pyramids... #1 Best Seller in Egyptian History Many years later - from an old Egyptian forced to flee his country - Ennin and Kukai learn of the terror which followed... THE BOY ON THE FLOATING ISLAND A young Chinese warrior-monk roams the seas upon a remarkable floating island, his only companion an irritable parrot named Feng. When a storm blows this tiny island into a Japanese harbor, Ennin learns the young man's extraordinary story... ENNIN 'The greatest of Japan's detectives, Ennin, and of course his trusted servant and chronicler Kukai...' M. Dowden, Hall of Fame, TOP 50 Amazon reviewer 'These Ennin Mysteries are absolutely fabulous...' sshap 'I can't stop reading this series! If you love historical mysteries, you will love the period and cultural detail...