Dirty Words

Dirty Words
Author: Elena M. Reyes
Language English
Genre: Adult Fiction
Series The Dirty Anthology
Goodreads Rating: 3.65
Published: July 2015

***Mature Audience. Over 18+*** Warning: This book is an erotic short at approximately 14,000 words. It is a sexy quick read with a slight dark undercurrent. In other words, if an alpha male with semi-stalker like tendencies bothers you…keep on moving. If a dirty mouthed man makes you uncomfortable, then please don’t read. He makes no apologies for his behavior and neither will I. Devin Andrews had it all. Everything but the one woman he coveted. He wanted her in the sickest of ways—yearned for those dirty words she used to entice him, drive him mad with hunger...

need. Taken from his rib to create perfection, he found love and the one woman born to be his. How far will he go to take ownership of what’s always been his? To what cost? Once with her, how do you seduce a woman you’ve never met? You don’t.

You just take.