What Is Occultism?

What Is Occultism?
Author: Dion Fortune
Language English
Pages: 198
ISBN10: 1578632234
Genre: Occult
Goodreads Rating: 3.84
ISBN13: 9781578632237
Published: March 1st 2001 by Red Wheel

The term occultism often evokes responses ranging from derision and scorn to outright fear. In this text, the author offers the reader an in-depth look at what occultism can be to the rational and well-trained practitioner. She places occultism in its proper place as a philosophy that, while retaining religious overtones, employs scientific and rational methodology to explore the meaning of life. Occultism moves a step beyond physical science and psychology and calls the seeker to be guided by rational, measured investigation of the psychic experience. This book should be a useful resource for the reader about to embark on a personal exploration of the occult.