Fundamental of Computer Programming Book

Fundamental of Computer Programming Book
Author: Hariom Pancholi
Language English
Pages: 264
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: by Genius Publications

1. Programming in C History of C, What is C?, C Character Sets, Keywords, Identifiers, Literals, Constants, Data Types, Variables, Scope of Variables, Qualifiers, Enumerated Data Type, Structure of C Program, First C Program, Importance of Braces ({}), Concept of Preprocessor or Preprocessor Directives, Macro Substitution, Intermediate Code, Object and Executable Codes, Compilation and Execution of a C Program, Input/Output in C, Type Conversion and Type Casting, Storage Class. 2. Operators, Expressions and Control Statements Operators, Expressions, Precedence and Associativity of Operators, Control Statement, Jump Statement. 3. Arrays and String Introduction, Arrays, Classification of Arrays, String. 4. Pointers and Structure Pointers, Pointer to Arrays, The Void Pointer, Structures, Pointers and Structures, Structure Using Typedef, Union, Command Line Argument. 5. Function in C Introduction, Types of Function, The General Form of Function, Parameters/Arguments, Some Point About Function, Classification of Function, Pointers and Function, Passing Arrays in Functions, Functions and Structures, Passing Characters and String, Recursion. 6. File Handling Introduction, What is File?, Text Files, Binary Files, File Management in C, File Input/Output, Dynamic Memory Allocation. 7. Computer Architecture and Programming Languages Basic Architecture of a Computer, Computer Hardware, Storage Devices, Access Methods of Storage Devices, Programming Languages, Translators. 8. Algorithms and Flowchart Algorithm, Flowcharts, Pseudocodes. 9. Number System Data Representation, Concept of Radix, Complements, Representation of Alphabets. Paper.