The Guilty Proposal (Heroes of Hays Book 1)

The Guilty Proposal (Heroes of Hays Book 1)
Author: Barbara Goss
Language English
Pages: 170
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 4.20
Published: January 13th 2017

Travis made a promise, he has to stand by it, even if it means losing true love. Travis Grayson feels responsible for a serious injury to his long-time friend, Libby. Out of guilt, he proposes, much to her delight. Not long after, he meets Evaline Radcliffe, and she immediately steals his heart. He finds himself in a predicament: he’s betrothed to one woman out of duty, and head over heels in love with another. To make matters worse, Evaline eventually discovers his duplicity. Evaline has a problem of her own and she enlists her father’s help in solving it. Her father’s solution is to arrange for her to be kidnapped.