Melinda and the Wild West

Melinda and the Wild West
Author: Linda Weaver Clarke
Language English
Pages: 228
ISBN10: 1589823672
Genre: Historical
Series A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
ISBN13: 9781589823679
Published: December 1st 2012 by American Book Publishing Group

Melinda Gamble wants to make a difference in the world.

Without hesitation, she accepts a job as a schoolteacher in the small town of Paris, Idaho. She has many challenges such as trying to help a rebellious student, coming face-to-face with a notorious bank robber, a vicious grizzly bear, and finding herself in a terrible blizzard that leaves her clinging to her life. But it’s a rugged rancher who challenges Melinda with the one thing for which she was least prepared—love.