Highland Bride

Highland Bride
Author: Lena Cochran
Pages: 106
Goodreads Rating: 3.69
Published: July 9th 2017 by Tica House Publishing LLC

When it comes to a clan battle, Flora MacDougal can best almost any warrior. Being renowned for her prowess in war suits her just fine. She likes to solves things physically. And her loyalty to the Grant Clan knows no limits. So, when her chief asks her to marry their enemy’s finest warrior so that she can infiltrate as a spy, she quickly agrees. Flora finds her skills of warfare woefully lacking when it comes to marriage. Her husband is too appealing, too strong, too good-looking, too … everything. Flora doesn’t know how to fight in this situation. Instead, she finds herself falling in love. She hates the vulnerability love brings and vows to remain steadfast in her purpose. When her husband sets a trap, she falls right into it. Does he care for her at all, or will he turn her over to be hung for treason? Enjoy this Highland Romance set in medieval Scotland. Join Flora’s struggle to gain back her clan’s land and to keep her heart safe from the enemy. Grab it today!