Surrendering to Yourself

Surrendering to Yourself
Author: Iris Krasnow
Language English
Pages: 288
ISBN10: 0786869135
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.74
ISBN13: 9780786869138
Published: April 2nd 2003 by Miramax

Best-selling author Iris Krasnow presents a powerful, exhilarating book about living from truth, about uncovering who you are, beyond marriage, children, and career. With passionate narrative and insightful interviews, Krasnow helps readers muster up the courage to discard old selves that are false, and to live their dreams. She pushes people to sever unhealthy relationships, to resurrect childhood hobbies, to consider a new career, and to face their own mortality. Krasnow stresses that Surrendering to Yourself is not a selsh pursuit, that developing clarity and strength from within means opening up to the world and to love. 'My goal is for midlifers to think life-lifts, not facelifts; for people with crevices in their faces to realize that Botox cannot x their souls,' writes Krasnow. 'It is only when we plug into the passion of our souls can we nd happiness.' With humor and grace, Krasnow propels us to identify our true selves and live the lives we were meant to lead, with purpose, exuberance, and direction.