Author: Amanda Kay
Genre: Uncategorized
Series The Dark Woods
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: April 2017

F/F YA Fantasy Romance, Suitable for 15+ with parental approval due to some language Coming 2017: Trolls (Kea's POV) Kea had seen a glimpse of what life could be like and then it was all taken away. The clan had to come first, and that meant any chance of allowing Tezzi into her world was gone. She was struggling to breathe. Struggling to concentrate. Struggling to find a reason to keep going. In and out, Kea. She reminds herself daily. In and out, she continues closing her eyes to sleep. Yet, sleep doesn't come. Tezzi's screams of terror jolt her awake. Keep breathing, Kea.

Keep fighting. You'll find her.