Kumihimo; The Art of Braiding. The Basics (Kumihimo; The Art of Braiding: The Basics)

Kumihimo; The Art of Braiding. The Basics (Kumihimo; The Art of Braiding: The Basics)
Author: Monique Littlejohn
Language English
Pages: 15
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.00
Published: August 4th 2013 by Monique Littlejohn

The art of braiding has been practiced for thousands of years. In Egyptian times, the ancients discovered that by braiding papyrus and other reeds, the end product was much stronger and more stable than by using the reeds in their natural form. Ancient mariners would make their ropes out of local grasses and other materials, which resulted in sturdy ships that could cross vast distances. In beauty, Women and men were plaiting their hair for beauty and function on all inhabited continents. Equestrians discovered that braiding their horses tails could result in beauty as well as cleaner rear ends. Unfortunately, the art of hand braiding has started to be lost after the industrial revolution. As machines made life easier for the common person, the many braiding techniques were utilized through cranking a wheel. Recently, I stumbled upon a wonderful book from 1867: Self-Instructor in the Art of Hair Work, by Mark Campbell that instructs how to use a braiding wheel to create these lost variations. In this and future volumes, I am adapting the instructions for use on a Kumihimo wheel for modern use. I am including the original lithograph images and adding full color, step by step photos and end results as well. My first book will show you two basic designs: An 8 strand basic and a 16 strand square. I will be using fabric from a silk sari, but you can use any fabric or string that you have on-hand. They can be used with embroidery floss, twine, yarn, grass, wire, and even hair. Just imagine the possibilities! You can add decorative flair to your clothes, jewelry, home accessories, scrapbooking, and more! Volume One covers materials and tips of the trade. There are several illustrations and full color photos that will help you better understand these new techniques. I also include links to an Amazon Store that carries all of the materials that you will need. Within an hour, you can have a completed bracelet or necklace!