Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game
Author: B.A. Savage
Language English
Pages: 287
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Alex French Mysteries
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: July 9th 2014

Alex French is having a good time with his friends when one of them, Karen, receives a strange phone call. Her former husband is calling her on the phone – which is unusual, since he never calls her and neither does he meet their daughter, Alice. Sam calls her for a reason, he is in trouble, he is in jail for murdering his girlfriend.

He knows about Karen’s friendship with the star detective, Alex French, and he begs her to get help from French. He avers that he never killed his girlfriend, a girl named Melissa Crane. Aside from his questionable character, there is heaps of evidence against him. His relationship with Melissa was stormy, they often quarreled, at weekends, she would leave, never telling where. The night when Melissa died, they had an ugly scene. Melissa, who had a degree in accounting, at last got a glorious job offer, so she, thrilled, wanted to move to another town. Deep down, Sam knew it would be the end of their relationship, he begged her not to go, but she persisted. Things got out of hand and escalated. When Sam wanted to walk out on her and leave their apartment, she blocked his way, so he hit her mouth, then left after sometime ten p.

m. When he returned, he had several drinks and passed out. When he woke up, his shirt was blood-stained and he was arrested for murdering Melissa. It seems obvious that he has killed her. Did Sam kill Melissa? What do you think? Match wits with Alex French and see if you can catch the killer. Tag; Mystery books mystery novels mystery series, mystery suspense thriller mystery thriller mystery kindle, private detective private detective series private detective fiction, private detective mysteries Investigation series Investigation books investigation novels, private detective private detective novels private detective books, private eye private eye series, private eye novel, private eye