The Playboy's Baby (Presents)

The Playboy's Baby (Presents)
Author: Mary Lyons
ISBN10: 026381551X
Genre: Harlequin
Goodreads Rating: 2.74
ISBN13: 9780263815511

The millionaire daddy…Tycoon Matthew Warner had broken Samantha's heart once—she was determined never to let him get close to her again. But what he was proposing wasn't exactly marriage, but more of a casual affair. Samantha knew she should refuse, but Matt was hard to resist. Besides, Samantha was older now and wiser. A single-minded and successful career girl, she could handle a no-strings relationship with a devastatingly sexy playboy, couldn't she? Only, Samantha had broken two unwritten rules—she'd fallen in love with Matt…and fallen pregnant! She's sexy, she's successful…and she's PREGNANT!