As Darkness Falls

As Darkness Falls
Author: K. Grey
Pages: 193
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Blood Mates
Goodreads Rating: 4.17
Published: March 12th 2014

Rogan had spent centuries as an enforcer to the Immortal King. He had been sired to lead a group of enforcers to secure the throne. He had earned the title 'DEATH' for a reason. He never showed an ounce of mercy to anyone who defied the King. For his loyalty he watched his blood brothers butchered in front of him. That day he swore he would kill the King, he had once vowed to protect. He spent centuries trying to kill the Immortal who had sired him and finally he was given the chance to take his head. It was all he ever wanted and he lived for it until he crossed paths with Sasha--- his blood mate. He had lived for revenge for so long he didn't know anything else.

He wanted Sasha and he wanted vengeance for his brothers, but could he have both? What would cost him the most, when he is forced to chose between them? Love or Revenge?