Daring to Love

Daring to Love
Author: Kathryn Jane
Language English
Pages: 253
Genre: Romance
Series Intrepid Women
Goodreads Rating: 4.08
Published: January 21st 2014 by Intrepid Mystery Horse

A woman who reads hearts… “Help me…” As an empath working for an organization dedicated to locating missing children, Liz MacKenzie is accustomed to using her unique abilities to sense the emotions of others. She’s not accustomed to hearing them call for her. That’s the specialized skill of a telepath. A man who reads minds… Galen Keifer’s special method of interrogation involves telepathic seduction, a technique that drove away the love of his life two years ago. In spite of their rocky past, Liz has reached out to him again. He’s the one man who may be able to discover the truth about the mysterious voice calling to her. A voice from the darkness… Liz can’t ignore the child’s voice, one that may be connected to a dark secret in her past. Barely recovered from her last rescue mission, she doesn’t trust her own senses, or a man who uses seduction in such a devastating way.

But with the possibility of a child’s life in danger, Liz and Galen can’t afford to let it get personal again. Finding the child comes first, even though their hearts and minds are daring them to love… THE INTREPID WOMEN SERIES Stubborn, self-sufficient women, and the men who dare to love them.