Better When It's Wrong

Better When It's Wrong
Author: Chloe Hawk
Pages: 39
Genre: Romance
Series Better When It's Wrong
Goodreads Rating: 4.07
Published: November 22nd 2017 by Favor Ford Publishing

My stepbrother. He’s devastatingly gorgeous. Dark hair. Ripped body. Piercing blue eyes that contrast perfectly with his dark complexion. A smoldering gaze that makes everyone around him fall in love. My friends used to joke that if Cole looked at you, you’d have your panties off by the end of the night. And it was true. He’d slept with most of my friends, and any other hot girl he happened to want. It had been infuriating when we were younger, watching him sneak girls into his room at night, hearing them moaning and screaming his name as he got them off. He’d had things handed to him because he was beautiful and smart and good at sports. I hated him because he was everything I wasn’t. He was outgoing, I was shy. He was smart, I made mediocre grades. He was special, I wasn’t. But the biggest reason I hated him was because he left us. He left me. Five years ago, he’d up and moved out, packing up his things in the middle of the night and taking the bus to New York City with three of his friends. They’d created a messaging app that had taken off, and now he was a billionaire. I haven’t heard from him in years. Until now. Because Cole’s back. Just when my dysfunctional mother decides to kick me out of the house. I have nowhere to go, so Cole agrees to let me stay with him in his penthouse apartment in New York City. Under one condition – that I follow his rules, whatever they are, no questions asked. I know that what he wants from me is wrong. He wants me to strip. To touch him. To put his lips and mouth all over my body. I know it’s twisted. But I love the way he talks to me, love how demanding he is. The tone of his voice, the look in his eyes, the way he assumes he’s going to end up getting whatever he wants– all of it swirls together into an ache that permeates my whole body. I try to resist him, but it’s impossible. Because Cole is used to getting what he wants – and what he wants is me, no matter how wrong it is.... Note: BETTER WHEN IT'S WRONG was previously published as HIS TWISTED GAME