More Than Pizza

More Than Pizza
Author: Christine DePetrillo
Language English
Pages: 388
Genre: Contemporary
Series Maple Leaf
Goodreads Rating: 4.34
Published: April 6th 2015 by Amazon Digital Services

Book Four in The Maple Leaf Series Detective Daxton Wilder only wants one thing—to see Boston mob boss Richard DiNoble behind bars. After spending time undercover in DiNoble’s organization, Dax is close to reaching his goal. Only DiNoble is a step ahead. When Dax wakes up, he has two bullet holes in him from the mob boss, and his twin brother, Harris, has dumped him at Liberty Hill Nursing Home. Pissed at the bucket of suck his life has become, Dax vows to get out of Liberty Hill as fast as he can. Until his physical therapist walks in. Shaylee Keene, Liberty Hill’s top physical therapist, can only charm men eighty and older. That much is clear. Her last boyfriend delivered the painful news that he wasn’t attracted to her anymore. Out of the blue. As if it had just occurred to him one morning that she no longer satisfied him. What if she couldn’t satisfy any man? What if she was destined to be alone forever? What if no one ever wanted her? Now she has a new patient. As Shaylee works with Dax and the pair tries to avoid DiNoble’s revenge, they find that nothing mends a broken body—and lonely hearts—like falling in love. The Maple Leaf Series: More Than Pancakes - FREE! More Than Cookies More Than Rum More Than Pizza