The Miner's Wife

The Miner's Wife
Author: Lara Santiago
Language English
Pages: 436
Genre: Science Fiction
Series Wives Tales
Goodreads Rating: 3.68

In the year 2076, the Tiberius Group invades all aspects of society, taking over and implementing a new plan for the good of all U.S. citizens, especially the females. Hannah Brent is sent via cryo-freeze tube on a cargo spaceship to a moon orbiting Mars. There, she is auctioned off to a Thorium-Z miner. Thomas 'Brutal' Blackthorn only needs a wife temporarily for sexual release purposes until he finishes mining his claim. Then he'll be rich enough to marry the wealthy heiress waiting for him on earth. He didn't expect the fiery Hannah to conquer his heart. Brutal turns out to be the first man in Hannah's life to have any respect for her or her desires. He allows her to follow her dream even at his own expense. Will she ever want to leave him, since theirs is only a temporary arrangement? Genre: Erotic Futuristic [contains graphic sexual content and adult language] Length:  Novel (38,000 words)