Rift of Chaos: The Complete Trilogy Omnibus

Rift of Chaos: The Complete Trilogy Omnibus
Author: A.J. Martinez
Pages: 687
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: December 24th 2017 by Summon Sphere

Get the complete series Rift of Chaos is an epic fantasy trilogy, tells a story of betrayal, remorse, blood and myth. Elemental and summoning magic. Akielas and his allies struggle against the Specters, the apprentices that went rogue and got their hands on the remnants of the dragon gods. The Specters bring havoc to the world of Odealeous and Akielas blames himself for the monsters that he created. Book One: Sin of Mages Akielas finally discovered the whereabouts of the apprentices that betrayed him. He feels great remorse to find out that they are carrying his old plans with the remnants of the dragons gods. Akielas is willing to carry the burden of putting an end to the chaos of his apprentices but allies from around the world of Odealeous step forth and join him. Book Two: Spirit of Mages The Specters chaos continues and Akielas believes that only Caim, a demigod, can put an end to them since they now posses two remnants of the dragon gods. Book Three: Blood of Mages The Specters are close to completing their mission and Akielas and his friends are running out of time. Their survival and future do not look so bright ever since AKielas lost his magic.