Author: J.R. Rain
Language English
Pages: 52
Genre: Uncategorized
Series The Abnorm Chronicles
Goodreads Rating: 3.81
Published: April 2nd 2014 by Kindle Worlds


Rain and Eve Paludan Dana Marlowe is like a human chameleon. She adapts to her circumstances and can become anyone. Preying on the weaknesses, passions, and emotions of men, she can make them believe things...and even, do things. Posing as a sexy, chic, fashion magazine editor and a "normal," tier-three brilliant and operative Dana is hired for Phase One of the Genesis Project, which is based in Erik Epstein’s New Canaan Holdfast in Gillette, Wyoming. No longer content to simply wait for children to come of age to take the Treffert-Down Scale Assessment, woman scientist Dr. Jude Malcolm spearheads the project, where the first steps are to discreetly gather sperm from a select group of male brilliants. After Nick Cooper goes back on the lam, Dana gets her next collection assignment: Blake Crouch, the first gifted senator and one who also openly opposed the bill to microchip and track all brilliants. Senator Richard Lathrup is his nemesis and is hell-bent on getting Senator Crouch publicly “chipped.” During the covert assignment with Blake, his thoughtful perspective sinks in, and Dana falls for him. Just as she is about to confess all and flee from Dr. Malcolm’s diabolical scheme, Dana is snatched by her employer and imprisoned in the New Canaan Holdfast. Dana must now use her brilliant gifts to escape the compound, but before she does, she discovers a horrifying secret, one from which she cannot flee without risking everything.

GLIMMER is a licensed Kindle Worlds novella based on characters and situations created by author Marcus Sakey for BRILLIANCE.