Life of Pie

Life of Pie
Author: Susan Wandlass
Language English
Pages: 71
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.65
Published: March 17th 2013 by Pighton

One young woman’s lustful journey through sex, pastry…and sharp knives! 'This is one of the hottest books this year!' - Independent eBook Magazine A sensationally sizzling sex-slave novel, but a bit gruesome in parts!' - Bradley Fisher, erotic novelist. 'This woman is sick! A tingling must-read!' - Erotica Online. From a young age, Polly Pighton knew she was no ordinary girl. Bullied at school, despised by her mother and picked on by teachers, hers was not a pleasant childhood. By the age of nine, Polly’s midrift had started to grow alarmingly outwards as she ate her way towards her High School years like a pacman on amphetamines. The chocolate bar in her lunchbox rarely made it to the school gates before she had shovelled it down like a starving seagull, her greedy fat fingers stained brown until break-time. Entry into High School was never going to be easy for a hundred pound twelve-year old with acne and a face like a burst sofa and it wasn’t long before the spiteful nicknames came showering in Polly’s direction. As with most mud that is thrown from a great height, immediately some of it stuck - although it blended in quite well with the chocolate stains - as Polly Pighton’s new name clung to her like cake to a blanket. PIE! “With an almighty push, she rocked the boy further backwards, grabbing his member with one hand and gripping it with a vice-like grip. Adrian squealed, his eyes glinting wide as he stared into hers. Then with her spare hand, Pie reached around behind her, grasping the handle of a Sabatier knife, the one that she kept razor sharp….” 4 years later, Pie now has a dark cellar, and a dark secret. And lots of meat pies! Be warned, this book is not for the faint-hearted. Packed full of suspense, some of the sex scenes are quite explicit and …er…unusual! This is the first novella from temptress Susan Wandlass, a 25,000 word ebook.