Ain't No Love Like a Gangsta's Love

Ain't No Love Like a Gangsta's Love
Author: Carmen Lashay
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: April 1st 2018 by Treasured Publications

When you know you ready to die at any minute for your respect, you tend to move differently from everyone else. That’s exactly the thoughts Kato had when it came to this street life. Katon “Kato” Johnson was a young driven boss on the rise, and determined to make a name for himself in the underground world of hustling. With more money, comes more power, and more power comes more enemies. Young Kato had to find that out the hard way after serving a five year sentence for a crime he knew nothing about.

He is fresh out of prison, and back on these streets to cause hell, and to reclaim the throne he turned over to his twin sister Juice. The problem is, will Juice be willing to give her brother back the empire she’s built up for five years? Or will this wedge a war between the siblings? Gabrielle Vanburean is a 24 year old business woman married to Adam Vanburean. Unhappy with her failing marriage, Gabby throws herself into her work as a means to escape her problems at home. Determined to see her vows through for better or for worse, the thought of another man never crossed her mind until she meets Kato. Kato and Gabrielle’s paths cross one night and spark fly’s between the two that neither were expecting. One thing Gabrielle couldn’t deny was the strong attraction she had for this bad boy.

Will they remain friends and nothing more in an effort to not hurt the people in their lives? Or will temptation get the best of them? Katoria Johnson “Juice” never thought she would be running one of the biggest drug businesses that Chicago had ever seen, but that’s exactly the situation she found herself in when her twin brother went away to jail. Reluctantly stepping up to the plate, she quickly became a force to be reckoned with in this dangerous world that’s supposed to be reserved only for men. But what will happen when Kato is unexpectedly released from prison and wants to regain his position as head of the kingdom? Will things work out for both the twins? Or will Juice find herself on the short end of the stick? Making power moves and securing bags, Juice was proud of the empire she helped to grow, but while she excelled in the streets, she miserably at this thing called love. She thought all was lost until her Mr. right she had been searching her entire life for turned out to be a Mrs right. Will she finally get her happily ever after? Or will this turn out to be another disaster? Buckle up, and strap in tight because it’s about to be a bumpy ride. Follow along with Kato, Gabby, and Juice as they battle through lies, deception, and enemies at every corner. Truths are revealed, lies are uncovered, and somebody finds out the hard way that in this world there are no secrets. One way or another, everything done in the dark will always surface to the light. One thing is for certain, Aint No Love Like A Gangsta’s Love.