Make it Funny 我决定活得有趣

Make it Funny 我决定活得有趣
Author: Cai Lan 蔡澜
Language Chinese
Pages: 240
Goodreads Rating: 3.90
Published: June 1st 2017 by Beijing Timeschinese Press

To live a fun life is the wisdom of life.

Cai Lan knows how to eat and play, and on top of that, he knows how to enjoy life. Life will be much happier when we take things easy. Travel more, read more, experience more, remain curiosity of life, study the things you like and ignore other things. Cherish the enjoyment you deserve every minute and live your life to its full. He says a stable life is boring. He can't endure boredom, so he decides to make it funny. 当一个人活得有趣,也就活得通透了。蔡澜不仅会吃,会玩,更会享受人生。把生命中的事情都简单一点考虑,生活就会比较开心。多旅行、多阅读、多经历,对生活保持好奇,喜欢的事,加以研究,别的事就不必去理它。珍惜每一刻应得的享受,把人生充分地活足了它。他说,平稳的人生,一定闷。我受不了闷,我决定活得有趣。