Geographies of Consumption

Geographies of Consumption
Author: Juliana Mansvelt
Language English
Pages: 208
ISBN10: 076197430X
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
ISBN13: 9780761974307
Published: April 9th 2005 by Sage Publications Ltd

This critical introduction to consumption and its geographies provides an engaged summary of the consumption literature and demonstrates that consumption is intimately related to the production of space in everyday life. In Geographies of Consumption Juliana Mansvelt provides readers with a detailed explanation of political-economic and social-cultural perspectives on consumption at different scales. She opens with overview chapters on the history and conceptualisation of consumption and moves on to thematic chapters on consumption spaces; the body and identity; commodity chains; globalization commercial cultures. The text is illustrated throughout with comparative case study-material and features boxes and annotated notes for further reading. A review of consumption from a spatial perspective, this critical analysis of the key debates is the first synoptic overview in the geographic literature. Geographies of Consumption will be widely used in modules in economic and social geography, and should be the core text for those with a focus on consumption