The Life of Riley: Episodes 1-6 with Bonus Episode

The Life of Riley: Episodes 1-6 with Bonus Episode
Author: Kristiene Gray
Language English
Pages: 186
Genre: Erotica
Series The Life of Riley
Goodreads Rating: 3.69
Published: December 13th 2012 by Kristiene Gray

The complete first volume of the Life of Riley, with an extra bonus episode that will only ever be published as part of the volume set. Includes: Episode 1 Leaving Home, where Riley Buckland leave home for student life and ends up not quite enjoying the largely vanilla flavour of her love life Episode 2 The Cellar, where Riley and her best friend Toni, get shown around Toni's friend's BDSM club and Riley completes her initiation ceremony Episode 3 In Knots, where Riley return to the club after an absence and enjoys a multi partner scene Episode 4 White Christmas, where Riley discovers that it is not just Santa who has surprises! Episode 5 Vanilla, in which Riley is punished for an innocent date with a fellow student and receives an unexpected proposal Episode 6 On Trial, where Riley experiences 24/7 for the first time, with great sex and great boredom followed by an unexpected outcome BONUS EPISODE - only ever to be published in a complete volume set: Standalone stories of all your favourite characters, including a finale with Riley and Toni as they complete their first year at University.