Author: Denise Wahlquist
Language English
Pages: 354
ISBN10: 1424170370
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.40
ISBN13: 9781424170371
Published: April 30th 2007 by America Star Books

Stephanie is a third-grade teacher who is surprised to inherit a castle from her grandfather. It is in a mysterious land called Tymberfeld, a name not on any map. After much searching, she visits this magical place to find out more about herself and her family.

When she arrives, strange things begin to happen. She has entered a world that is in the midst of government turmoil, and Stephanie is unexpectedly involved. Meanwhile, young Christopher must protect his native land of Tymberfeld from an evil tyrant who threatens to destroy everything, including their way of life. It is time for a change, and Christopher must fight for his family, his home and an unsolicited crown that may be his destiny. With the aid of dragons, animals and magic, these two must bring their worlds together to keep the land of Tymberfeld alive.