A Dragon in the Sky

A Dragon in the Sky
Author: Laurence Pringle
Language English
Pages: 64
ISBN10: 0531303152
Genre: Literature
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
ISBN13: 9780531303153
Published: May 1st 2001 by Scholastic

This scientific page-turner, with brilliantly colored illustrations, tracks the life story of one green darner dragonfly. His name is Anax. He is hatched in a swamp in western New York, but he grows up to migrate hundreds of miles away, down the eastern seacoast, to Florida. Each stage of Anax's development -- as an embryo, a nymph, and finally a fully mature dragonfly -- is thrillingly chronicled here. So are the threats that Anax faces from predators of all sorts and the winning combination of skill and luck he draws upon to survive. "A superb, well-researched book", was how Kirkus Reviews, in its pointer review, summed up An Extraordinary Life, also by this author and artist. Their newest collaboration is just as impressive.