Author: Michael McDowell
Language French
Pages: 294
ISBN10: 2739600100
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.60
ISBN13: 9782739600102
Published: 1985

A name, paranoid narrator, compelled by mysterious warnings and source messages, sets out to kill a deformed waitress whom he feels wants to die. With every revelation of the narrator's bizarre lifestyle and unusual acquaintances, the reader is sure of what can be believed, until the line between actuality and fantasy disappears completely.

McDowell has crafted an explicit and unusual nightmarish vision of contemporary urban life that embraces the range of social and sexual maladjustment. The narrator's calm, understated recitation of the unsavory events only heightens the horror; the fine illustrations match the surrealistic mood perfectly. An offbeat, puzzling, and disturbing work that should interest even the most jaded fans of horror fiction.