The Enabler

The Enabler
Author: Charles W. Martin
Language English
Pages: 99
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 1.75
Published: January 22nd 2016

Fiction. This is a story of a Industrial Spy. She doesn't go into foreign countries looking for information, she goes into homes and company buildings. It is how she goes into the homes and buildings that sets her apart from those who aren't able to do what she does. To make the story more complete, the story begins with her birth, takes her through her school years, through her eight years in the Army and then into her occupation of Industrial Spy. Because of how well she does her job, she endears herself to everyone (almost everyone) in the company. She even finds out that someone in her own company is playing 'both sides of the fence', and she takes steps to get him fired! Although this book contains no expletives, obscenities or explicit sexual situations, this book if for mature readers.