Weekday Vegetarian

Weekday Vegetarian
Author: Graham Hill
Language English
Pages: 51
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.51

A vegetarian diet can markedly improve your health and fitness, but what if you still love munching into a juicy burger every now and again? Graham Hill has a powerful and simple solution: become a weekday vegetarian. Eat no meat from Monday through Friday. During the weekends, you're back to being a carnivore. Hill, who founded the eco-blog treehugger.com, has expanded the popular short talk he gave at TED 2010 with a life-changing digital book that explores the personal, economic, and societal benefits of moving meat out of your diet.

Don't fear that vegetarian dishes all taste like sawdust. Hill includes great-tasting veggie recipes to get you started.