Arnhem: Nine Days of Battle

Arnhem: Nine Days of Battle
Author: Chris Brown
Pages: 248
ISBN10: 0750953802
Genre: War
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
ISBN13: 9780750953801
Published: December 1st 2014 by The History Press

The ultimate companion to the greatest airborne battle of all time The greatest airborne operation in history commenced on September 17, 1944. Nine days later nearly four out five of the British 1st Airborne Division and their Polish comrades would be killed, wounded, or captured as Germany secured her last great battlefield victory of the war. The ferocious and gallant actions in Arnhem and Oosterbeek have fascinated historians and students ever since. Drawing extensively on eye-witness experience and unit diaries, and providing a detailed tactical and technical analysis of the arms, equipment and practices of the day, this book provides a fascinating day-on-day account of one of the most iconic actions of World War II. Supported by battle maps, timelines, troop diagrams as well as touring guides, this is the perfect companion for the armchair historian or the intrepid battlefield traveler.