From Alpha to Pup (MM werewolf pup play) (Puppy Days Book 1)

From Alpha to Pup (MM werewolf pup play) (Puppy Days Book 1)
Author: Ripley Rose
Language English
Pages: 14
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.33
Published: December 19th 2015 by Ripley Rose

Dating a werewolf comes with its own set of challenges, but that hasn't kept Will from staying with his hot shifter boyfriend, Caden. Far from it, Will is proud not only of his boyfriend's pecs, but of the fact that he's the alpha of his pack. One issue that's not so easy to resolve between them is sex - Will is desperate to be intimate with his werewolf lover, but Caden wants to keep Will safe from becoming a werewolf. But there's something Caden's not been telling Will.

Deep down, despite his alpha instinct, he's a pup at heart.

Caden reveals to Will that he's into pup play, and Will is immediately down with it. Not only does he want to make Will happy, but he loves the idea of turning a hot, dominant werewolf into a cute obedient puppy. Contains oral, transformation, and pup play, with some romance.