Author: Antony Melville-Ross
Pages: 345
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: December 21st 2017 by Endeavour Media

‘Lohengrin’ is a German spy turned double agent by a member of MI5’s ‘Beautiful Bitch Brigade’. The Birch Brigade is a scheme that uses beautiful women to suborn identified German spies. Claire Helier, ‘a favourite of London society and an orphaned daughter of an ancient house', is the young innocent who trapped him. Against all reason, Claire and 'Lohengrin', real name Frank, fall in love and have to face the terrible consequences – the conflict of loyalty and treachery. A conflict which threatens not only the lovers but all those players in the dangerous and elaborate game which is international espionage in time of war. Praise for Lohengrin: ‘A stirring drama about shame and treachery’ British Book News ‘Hideously real’ The Listener Anthony Melville-Ross was born in Hastings, East Sussex on November 11 1920. He published six novels between 1978 and 1985, all inspired by his background as a sub-mariner in the Second World War. He had an extremely successful career in the navy, rose to command his own boat and transferred into the Secret Service after the end of the war. He died in his hometown on January 10 1993, aged 73.