Author: Sue Stone
Pages: 32
ISBN10: 0912771119
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Role Aids™
Goodreads Rating: 3.25
ISBN13: 9780912771113
Published: August 1983 by Mayfair Games Inc.

Shipwreckers and Sailors Tides and Treachery Caverns and Cutthroats but mostly... GOLD! First it drew men over the mountains to the desolate coast. For a handful of nuggets, they crushed goblins. For a bag of coins, men were doomed to a watery grave. And now to find its source, brave men enter the end caverns. SHIPWRECKER Gold and Glory, this was the promise when you were hired. Now as you gaze into the dank mouth of the tunnel does the gold glitter a little ? Does it matter that beyond this portal lie uncharted caverns, the remnants of the goblin hordes, mysterious monsters, and finally, a pirate stronghold? SHIPWRECKER is a fantasy roleplaying module for three to six players from fourth to seventh level. Suitable for use with all popular roleplaying systems including Advanced Dungeons and Dragons